Does anyone even still watch T.V. anymore?

Debatable! I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like the quality of television these days could use an overall digital reboot or media makeover of some kind. Regurgitated scripts, casts and even set designs and layouts on tv have become monotonously boring and overwhelmingly predictable. Even when they try to do that one “unpredictable” thing. You know; He’s dead but then he’s not, he had a brother, his son is not really his, the girl likes the one guy but the other guy likes her or the 10, 000 others starring the cool hunk, hot brunette, quirky nerd, dumb blonde, ethnic friend, weirdo neighbor or pathetically inept parents… Seriously, do I even need to continue?! Shall we speak about the hundreds of Doctor/Cop shows currently saturating primetime television? I guess I just did, so let’s move on.

Television networks are always searching for newer talent and brighter ideas to keep their stations running amongst the ranks of their peers and competitors, they just don’t know that you exist. For these networks, it’s all about pulling in huge ratings then selling advertising space in-between. If your next show idea or concept is good enough there’s a good chance that they will make room for you.

Keep on writing those scripts and shooting those pilots.

Philly like you have never scene it before.