Casting Calls

Every now and again, …and again, …and again, a new production project pops up in Philadelphia and brings with it; the need for talent, talent, and more talent, often new or undiscovered talent. Once most of the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted on the project, it’s  now time to hire some qualified actors and actresses to audition or read for specific parts as well as extras to fill in for surrounding roles and atmosphere.

Professional relationships with many media-related business partners allow FILM…U the early opportunity to fill-in roles for many of these film projects by being among the first to receive new requests.

We then spread the word throughout our network via:

If you are an actor, actress or otherwise active talent in the city of Philadelphia you might want to bookmark this page for quick daily check-ins or consider joining our network for exclusive access and alerts to upcoming projects.


All promotions are on a first come first serve basis and all necessary requirements must be met prior to arriving at specified locations courtesy of the specified objective.

FILMadelphia UNITED is not responsible or reliable for decisions, selections or choices made by their partners.



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