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Thoughts …and ACTION!

So you think you can compete with the likes of Hollywood, do you? You Think you can produce film projects that will make the world stop to watch, buy tickets for, or subscribe to online? You just wrote the next award-winning script or multi-million dollar blockbuster hit, you say! Well… now what?

Well, now you need a team… and not just any team. You need a team of working professionals in your local area who can and will help you get the job done! You are going to need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who understand your goals while being able to add quality insight towards making the project as great as it can be. You will need knowledgeable and experienced individuals in respective fields to execute specific tasks in specific ways. You are going to need talent, talent and some more talent. Fyi family, friends, and neighbors aren’t talent, they are family, friends, and neighbors! Use at your own risk. In other words DON’T!

The City of Philadelphia has an abundance of working professionals and varying talent to share with the world and as we actively continue to build, promote and network here; “Film U” will soon be where you can find them all. Follow us “in real life” as we reunite the city of brotherly love one “take “at a time and help recreate those epic feelings of being apart of something great, groundbreaking or potentially classic in the city. #Rocky statue. (Wink-wink)